A Word from the T-Shirt Girl

Hi! I'm Morgan.

I love college basketball and dad jokes. I also love french fries, Keanu Reeves, and senior dogs, but that information is less relevant.

My third year at Villanova, the men's basketball team won the National Championship — first time since 1985! (at the time). But you already know how that went down: 4.7 seconds on the clock. A pass from Ryan Arcidiacono. A tie-breaking, buzzer-beating, 3-pointer from Kris Jenkins. Bang! Where is my inhaler?

I watched this legendary showdown from the top floor of Kelly’s Taproom with 400 of my closest friends. The celebration was wild.

My friend Mimi made it on the news for climbing her way to the top of a street lamp on Lancaster. 

Riot horses appeared. Did they gallop down I-76?

Another friend [name redacted] woke up in her Home Props bathtub the next day and googled: who won the National Championship?

People got tattoos! That you'll probably never see!

We had an absolute field day. It lasted all the way through graduation, one year later.

After the big win, I decided to make a shirt to celebrate the coolest guy on earth...the mans who led us to victory: THE Jay Wright. In 2016, I ordered a box of 50 Comfort Colors t-shirts plastered with the punniest thing I could think of: All Wright, All Wright, All Wright.

Please note that this box sat in the corner of my room for four entire months. I convinced myself that no one would like them. It took a humbling lack of clean clothes (#college) for me to finally wear one on campus. Plot twist! People DID like them!?

A few years – and a few thousand shirts – later, I decided these babies need an official home. With some unexpected spare time in 2020............ Field Daze was born! A real company, a real website, and a real anchor to expand with even more feel-good fan gear down the line. But most importantly, I like to think that Field Daze is just about treating every day like it's game day. 

Now, placing an order is no longer contingent on when my brother and I can ship it from my parents' living room. Archival footage below:

managing all wright shirts from living room

I share this background..just because. And maybe that’s what Field Daze is about: doing whatever the heck you feel like doing. Where the only thing to leave boxed up in the corner of your room is self-doubt. Bang!

Some could also argue Field Daze is about the little ways we get inspired by the communities we take part in.

Or maybe it's just about making it to the top of the street lamp. 

Anyhoo! thank you for stopping by.

Get ready for more, and as always, Go Cats.

Morgan Lamb
CEO & Founder, Field Daze
Villanova, '16 '17


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